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Taken from Aversion (May 19, 2006)

Michael Franti Makes War Documentary

by Aversion

Michael FrantiMichael Franti's documentary about the impact of war upon everyday citizens has caught the attention of the World Health Organization.

Franti, who made the film I Know I'm Not Alone to chronicle his trip to the Middle East in 2004. It takes a look at the impact upon lifestyles living in a war-ravaged nation has on people.

“Although war is the most politically weighted subject one could ever take on, I did not want to make a political movie,” Franti said in a statement. “Instead, I wanted to make a film about people, and the things they do to overcome the stresses of war and occupation: chief among these being friendship, humor, art and music.”

Last week, Franti spent two days screening his film to WHO officials at United Nation headquarters in Geneva. The film’s impact spawned a panel, “The Human Face of Conflict and Health: Impact on Health Care Systems,” which included Franti and 50 WHO officials discussing the finer points of his film.

I Know I’m Not Alone and Franti’s latest album, Yell Fire!, are set for a July 25 release from Anti-Records.


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