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Taken from Bass Magazine (May 26, 2023)

Scott Fisher Releases New Single "Once in a While" with Tim Lefebvre on Bass (Listen)

The track features bassist Tim Levebre (David Bowie, Elvis Costello, John Mayer) and drummer Jeff Anthony (Sheryl Crow, Chuck Prophet)

by Bass Magazine

Scott Fisher photocollage
Scott Fisher photocollage

Today, Scott Fisher is thrilled to announce the release of "Once in a While", the first single from the forthcoming album Kingdom of Ego. After premiering exclusively via Under The Radar, the single is available across all streaming platforms.

"Once in a While" is a crunchy indie-rock tune that was conceptually and phonically inspired by The Beatles mixed with Motown. In addition, altered chords, root substitutions and intervallic sounds and harmonies of early soul and gospel music shaped Fisher's songwriting on the track.

Once in a While coverart

Alongside Fisher, "Once in a While" features bass guitarist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, Elvis Costello, John Mayer) and drummer Jeff Anthony (Sheryl Crow, Chuck Prophet). Production for the track and aforementioned album took place exactly where Tim and Scott met a year prior- at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX. The result of these two musical forces connecting led to the fruition of thirteen tracks which would ultimately become Kingdom of Ego. Production for the album began in the summer of 2022, with a main theme of "ego distorting reality" coursing through most of the songs.

Themes of hope, lessons from past mistakes, and craving sensuality in both a personal and artistic sense can be heard on "Once in a While". Aurally, the tune's upbeat demeanor distracts from the hardships Fisher sings about. A sleek rock track with pulsating synths that wobble in and out of the listener's ear, "Once In A While" is bound to leave a permanent mark. The track acts as a culmination of Fisher's musical resume, containing traces of jazz, soul, and even pop, all while maintaining a comfortable classic rock approach.


A legend in his own league, Scott Fisher is gearing up for his next release, Kingdom of Ego. With a repertoire spanning over two decades, Fisher has crafted an original sound that effortlessly blends jazz, rock, and indie. Originally hailing from Portland, Oregon, Fisher relocated to Los Angeles to further cultivate his career in music. Networking with the right individuals allowed Fisher to move from the club scene he regularly toured, to the recording studio to produce for various television shows. Some of which include Shameless, Parks and Recreation, Better Call Saul, Raising Hope, Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters, and The Good Doctor.

Scott Fisher's music is often colored by current vibes, philosophical themes, and studied, old-school techniques. His self-titled solo project began in 2007 with a piano-pop album widely compared to Ben Folds (ALLMUSIC 4 1/2 out of 5 stars). Since then, Fisher's musical scope has encompassed indie folk, classical piano, and 70's psychedelic rock.

Growing up with a French mother and an American father enabled Fisher to draw inspiration from various cultures. Fisher's first exposure to music began when he studied classical piano from exiled German concert pianist, Ilse Glassel. As a result, his early solo albums are very key-heavy, and encompass everything from piano/pop, classical piano, and Bossa Nova. Over the years, Fisher has exemplified that he is unafraid to test out different genres that may be outside of his comfort zone. Because of his impressive talent as a musician, Fisher has opened for artists such as Brandi Carlile, Augustana, and Pink Martini. His latest project due this summer, Kingdom of Ego is a testament to his artistic diversity, and is one of his most indie-leaning releases thus far.


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