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Taken from NME (Nov 02, 2022)

Spoon announce Adrian Sherwood rework of 'Lucifer On The Sofa' album

'Lucifer On The Moon (Spoon vs. On-U Sound)' will be released on Friday (November 4)

by Charlotte Krol

Spoon. CREDIT: Olivia Wolfe
Spoon. CREDIT: Olivia Wolfe

Spoon have shared details of Adrian Sherwood's full reimagining of their latest album, 'Lucifer On The Sofa', and previewed it with the reworked 'The Devil & Mister Jones'.

The Texan band have let the On-U Sound Records founder and UK dub icon rethink their 10th album, which was released in February, as an "anti-gravity companion" to the original. 'Lucifer On The Moon (Spoon vs. On-U Sound)' will be released on Friday (November 4).

Sherwood has twisted and rebuilt the rhythms of the original album for a freshly reimagined version. On 'The Devil & Mr. Jones' rework he edits the song's original pace to a half-time groove.

According to press material, Sherwood "supplied extensive additional instrumentation via On-U's extended family of session players, including bassist Doug Wimbish and drummer Keith LeBlanc (both of whom performed in Sugarhill Records' early '80s in-house rhythm section).

"He dug deep into the album's multi-tracks, surfacing forgotten details and elements not present in the final album mixes. The result airlifts Spoon's trademark melodies into lush alien terrain, replete with vibrant echo and rumbling low-end."

The first taste of Sherwood's reconstruction is 'The Devil & Mister Jones', which you can stream below now.

'Lucifer On The Moon (Spoon vs. On-U Sound)' tracklist:

01. 'My Babe'
02. 'On The Radio'
03. 'Held'
04. 'The Devil & Mister Jones'
05. 'Lucifer On The Sofa'
06. 'Astral Jacket'
07. 'Feels Alright'
08. 'Wild'
09. 'The Hardest Cut'
10. 'Satellite'

In other news, Spoon's Britt Daniel joined Interpol on stage in September to perform 'Next Exit' together.

The two bands were on a co-headlining coast-to-coast North American tour, dubbed 'Lights, Camera, Factions', which wrapped on September 18 with a show at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Oregon.

On September 14, they played a gig in Paso Robles, California, and during Interpol's set they were joined by Daniels to perform 'Next Exit', from Interpol's 2004 album 'Antics'.


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