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Taken from LouderSound (Jul 14, 2022)

Steve Hackett guests on latest album from The Rome Pro(G)ject

Wach a video trailer for The Rome Pro(G)ject's latest album Compendium Of A Lifetime

by Jerry Ewing

(Image credit: Mick Bannister)
(Image credit: Mick Bannister)

Steve Hackett, along with his brother John Hackett, King Crimson's Tony Levin, former VdGG man David Jackson, Nick Magnus and Tony Patterson are just some of the guests on Compendium Of A Lifetime, the latest in a series of concept albums bout the history of Rome from Italian keyboardist and composer Vincenco Ricca's The Rome Pro(G)ject.

Compendium Of A Lifetime is the fifth release in the series of albums that began a decade ago in 2012. You can watch a trailer for the latest album below.

"The inspiration of this album is threefold," explains Ricca. "On the one hand the reflections on the harsh military discipline, on the other the dramatic events of the eruption of Vesuvius and finally the intuitions of Julius Caesar as well as the Roman emperors opposed to the bloody events of the gladiators."

Pre-order Compendium Of A Lifetime.

Compendium Of A Lifetime
The Rome Pro(G)ject - Compendium Of A Lifetime

The Rome Pro(G)ject: Compendium Of A Lifetime
I)  V
II)  Compendium Of A Lifetime
III)  Vesuvius
IV)  The Last Night In The World
V)  Have Caesar
VI) Morituri Te Salutant
VII)  Gladiatores
VIII) Have Caesar (Reprise)

Bonus track: Exegi Monvmentvm


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