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Taken from CelebMix (Jul 13, 2022)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials Drops New Single - "Scream"!

by Randy

Photo: Andrea Kronlund
Photo: Andrea Kronlund

Brooklyn-based funk ensemble Brooklyn Funk Essentials introduces their brand-new single, "Scream!," a track from their forthcoming seventh studio album, Intuition, slated to drop in November via Dorado Records.

Talking about the track, lead singer and co-writer Alison Limerick shares, "Time teaches you that suppressing self-expression is either damaging or impossible. 'Scream!', written in the company of those who 'got' me, who were happy to let me slip the reins and be me, is a shout for freedom and encouragement for others to do the same, to find the voice that is truly theirs and use it."

Made up of Ebba Asman (trombone), Desmond Foster (guitar, vocals), Lati Kronlund (bass), Alison Limerick (vocals), Hux Nettermalm (drums), and Kristoffer Wallman (keyboards), Brooklyn Funk Essentials began life more than twenty years ago, in Arthur Baker's Shakedown studio in Jersey City.

In 1995, Brooklyn Funk Essentials (BFE) released their debut album, Cool & Steady & Easy, via Dorado/RCA. Billboard Magazine named Cool & Steady & Easy the Album of the Year in the alternative R&B category. In 1998, the band followed with In The Buzzbag, earning the band a Grammy nomination.

BFE has shared the stage with James Brown, Parliament-Funkadelic, Kool & The Gang, The Roots, The Meters, Erykah Badu, and New Power Generation. Meanwhile, their music has been featured in film and television productions such as The Sopranos, Starsky & Hutch, The Blacklist, and Manifest, as well as several commercials.

"Scream!" opens on a funky afrobeat highlighted by syncopated percussion and topped by dazzling brass reminiscent of Tower Of Power. Alison Limerick's delicious, soulful voice imbues the lyrics with stylish flavors, at once smooth and melodic and bubbling with energy. When the horns go deep, the tune takes on a tasty chugging feel. On the solo section, a braying sax delivers luscious dirty-sweet tones.

Brimming with ebullient funk dynamism, "Scream!" offers an infectious groove, scrumptious horns, and the deluxe vocals of Alison Limerick.

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