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Taken from Planet Rock (Feb 15, 2021)

Watch: Ozzy Osbourne's hilarious new video for It's A Raid

The cartoon sees Ozzy and Post Malone fleeing the authorities

by Brendan Appleton

YouTube: Ozzy Osbourne
Animated Ozzy Osbourne gets psychedelic in It's A Raid. YouTube: Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne has released a tongue-in-cheek new animated music video for the song 'It's A Raid' from his new solo album 'Ordinary Man'.

Based on a real raid that Ozzy accidentally instigated on himself (more on that below), 'It's A Raid' sees a cartoon Ozzy and co-vocalist rapper Post Malone fleeing the cops in a black muscle car - complete with bat logo - with a diversion into a somewhat psychedelic realm during the song's bridge, before eventually being cornered on a beach front.

The visuals and song lyrics are inspired by an incident that took place in 1972, when Black Sabbath were recording their iconic Vol. 4 album in LA. Speaking to Sirius XM last year, Ozzy explained: "We were recording Volume 4, and we'd rented this house in Bel Air to record this album. We had a pile of coke, a pile of pot on this f--kin' table. And I'm sitting there, great, Bel Air, sun shining, cocaine, booze, the f--kin' works. I'm thinking, 'F--k me, I've made it here!'

"So I'm sitting in this house and it's f--kin' boiling hot, and so I go to these buttons on the wall and I go, 'Oh, must be the air conditioning.' I pressed the f--kin' button, and in about five minutes, four or five cop cars come screaming down the drive. I'm shouting, 'It's a f--kin' raiiiiid!'

"So me and this roadie, we grab the big bowl of coke, and the pot, we go into the bathroom. I'm going, 'I can't f--kin' throw this!' and I'm going (makes snorting sounds). I'm gacked! And the door goes (knocking sound) "They've gone!" I had cocaine coming out my f--kin' ears! I didn't sleep for four days after that!"

Watch Ozzy Osbourne - It's A Raid:

Featuring duets with Elton John (on the poignant title track) and Post Malone, Ozzy's 'Ordinary Man' album also saw a glittering roster of other musicians join the Black Sabbath legend, including Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan on bass and songwriting duties, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith on drums and composition, as well as Slash and Tom Morello lending their formidable guitar chops to tracks such as 'Straight To Hell' and 'Scary Little Green Men'.

Ozzy Osbourne has a new album on the way

Last year, just months after the release of Ordinary Man, Sharon Osbourne confirmed that Ozzy had already started writing his next album, using his time in lockdown "because while I can't tour, I can make music".

Ozzy Osbourne tour news

In November 2020, Ozzy told of his fear of catching Covid-19 due to his underlying health issues such as the lung condition emphysema. Like many other artists, he's also had to reschedule his much-anticipated tour dates to 2022, because of the pandemic.

Ozzy's scheduled UK tour dates are as follows:
Nottingham Motorpoint Arena - Sun 27th
MARCH 2022
Dublin 3Arena - Tue 1st
Birmingham Resorts World Arena - Fri 4th
London The O2 - Mon 7th
Manchester AO Arena - Wed 9th
Newcastle Utilita Arena - Sat 12th
Glasgow The SSE Hydro - Mon 14th


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