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Taken from JamBase (Mar 20, 2020)

Trevor Hall & Brett Dennen Release 'Put Down What You Are Carrying' Single

Trevor Hall and Brett Dennen teamed up for the new single, 'Put Down What You Are Carrying'.

by Nate Todd

Trvor Hall live. Courtesy Image
Trvor Hall live. Courtesy Image

Trevor Hall shared a new single, "Put Down What You Are Carrying." The song features fellow singer-songwriter Brett Dennen.

Dennen was set to tour with Hall in April but the dates have been postponed due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. So the two artists teamed up for the new self-produced track.

Hall released a statement detailing the new single. Read it below:

The song "Put Down What You Are Carrying" was made up of a few different experiences in the past that found their way together for this tune. the words for the chorus came from an experience I had in india a few years ago. The words for the verses came a while after that when my grandmother passed away. As i was mourning the loss of her physical presence, I heard her voice come to me saying, 'don't war with yourself.' Those words were so healing for me at the time and still hold weight for me today.

We laid down the original demo while on tour with the John Butler Trio. We were in a hotel in the middle of Washington at the time. John gave me a tattoo that day in the hotel room as we were recording everything. It's a really great memory for me.

A little while later, I asked my brother Brett Dennen if he would be willing to sing on the song which I'm thankful he agreed to.

All the messages aligned for this song about letting go, taking a breath, and celebrating the process of making the choice to put down all the things that weigh us down. hoping it can inspire all of us to let go of all the things no longer serving us and allow ourselves to be fearless and PLAY!!!"

Trevor Hall

Listen to "Put Down What You Are Carrying" below:


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