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Taken from The Source (Feb 25, 2020)

Today in Hip-Hop History: Boogie Down Productions Dropped Their 'Sex And Violence' Album 28 Years Ago


Sex And Violence cover
Sex And Violence cover

On this date in 1992, KRS-One and the rest of the Boogie Down Productions crew dropped the Sex And Violence album, which was the fifth and last album put out by the pioneering Bronx-based Hip Hop collective.

The album produced less than lackluster sales, partially, according to KRS, because of his incident where he threw PM Dawn rapper Prince B off the stage during one of their performances. Kris also used this album to address his beef with X-Clan because of KRS' proclamation of humanism rather than embracing X-Clan's aggressive form of Afrocentricity.

This album touched on many of the social issues of the time, including the rape trial of Mike Tyson on "Say Gal," "Build And Destroy," where he addressed his humanist views and "13 And Good," where Kris talks about the commonality of statutory rape.

Salute to "The Teacher" and the rest of BDP including Prince Paul, Heather B and Kenny Parker for making this album an underground classic!

INFO: In the original article the author named the wrong year. SHA BE ALLAH is talking about 1993 / 27 years ago. Just to mention.


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