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Taken from ParadeMagazine (Sep 13, 2018)

Exclusive Premiere: John Butler Takes a Leap of Faith with 'Just Call'

by Laura B. Whitmore

Courtesy photo by James Minchin III

Here's a cool video for John Butler's new track "Just Call," from his upcoming album Home, due out September 28. Set in Western Australia, the video finds this masterful guitarist daringly revisiting one of his favorite places on the planet as this rhythmic tune plays out its sweet love story.

Australia's highest-selling independent artist of all time, John Butler shares this as the final installment in a three-part video series for the album.

Butler explains, "This is another one of my favorites. It's an unabashed love song about meeting my partner, Danielle Caruana, in the romantic and red dirt-drenched country of the Kimberley in a town called Broome. This is also one of the best videos I've ever made. Soooooo simple yet fairly complex to get just right. I did the jump about six times on a winters day in the flood waters of the Murray River in Pinjarra, Western Australia. I LOOOOOVE this part of the world. I grew up on this river and it became one of my best friends. I scurfed it, swam it, jumped outta trees into it, explored abandoned farmhouse along her banks and generally lived out a 'Huckleberry Finn' existence on this river. What a blessed wonderland to grow up in. I'm a lucky man to have had this country teach me and hold me through the ups and downs of my formative years. This location is legendary to the kids and locals of Pinjarra. I love this video! I hope you enjoy it too."

Watch now:

Directed by Nick Mckk, produced by longtime collaborator Kester Sappho and filmed in one continuous shot, the video begins where the second one ended-Butler and son Jahli skateboarding through the streets of rural Australia. The first video for title track "Home" addressed the tenuous balance between life on the road and being away from family, while the second chapter for "Wade In The Water" captured the uninhibited feeling of being home and being grounded. The latest video is about celebrating home and the connection from generation to generation. Filmed in Graveyards, Pinjarra Australia, where John grew up from the ages of 11-20, sees John scaling a sky-high tree...and then leaping from the top, something he often did as a kid.

Centered around John Butler's virtuoso guitar stylings and powerful, progressive lyricism, the band draws upon a remarkable variety of musical genres, spanning folk, blues, funk, classic rock 'n' roll and beyond. The John Butler Trio made their U.S. debut with Three, the first of six albums to receive an American release. Back home, Three would reach Top 30 and achieve platinum sales. The band's subsequent albums - Sunrise Over Sea, Grand National and April Uprising all debuted at No. 1 on the Australian album charts. John and the band have gone on to win five APRA awards and seven ARIA awards, including "Best Male Artist" in 2004 and "Best Blues & Roots Album" for 2014's Flesh & Blood.

Find out more at https://johnbutlertrio.com/


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