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Taken from mxdwn (Feb 03, 2018)

At The Drive-In – Diamanté

At The Drive-In Continues Reunion

by Christopher Fastiggi

2017 was a successful and important year for At The Drive-In. After not releasing any new music for 17 years after their critically acclaimedRelationship of Command,At The Drive-In jumped back into the limelight within•ter a•li•a. The post-hardcore Mars Volta crew received some criticism for their album, but overall the band delivered an album that many At The Drive-In fans never thought they would see.

Now only a month after their comeback year, At The Drive-In is already releasing new music in the form of a three track EP,Diamanté. The first track “Amid Ethics” has all the epic and in-your-face instrumentals one can expect from At The Drive-In, even adding some deep ringing bass to almost sound Muse-like. The screeching guitars from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez ring over wailing vocals from Cedric Bixler-Zavala. Although it is Bixler-Zavala’s signature voice, it does tire specifically during the “impotent blood boys” line that seems to repeat constantly. These lyrics are also quite metal-esque. “Camarilla casts aspersions rotoscoped in thick spit / At the menace parked in neutral cloak the audit by remote /I just can’t stand it,” is a line that most college-level English classes couldn’t even analyze.

“Despondent at High Noon” has a catchy chorus that showcases echo style vocals and the bridge of the song showcases even more sporadic guitar work. It works though and the track mixes well with the chaos that every instrument goes through. Bixler-Zavala’s voice works well on this one, with the screaming peaking at the end where it should be, as the track builds up to it.

“Point of Demarkation” has a bass line that follows off of “Amid Ethics,” where it is so distorted you can almost feel the vibration of the amplifier they used in the studio. This slow-paced track certainly differs from the high intensity ofRelationship of Command,but its steady beat and catchiness make up for that. It is the most Mars Volta track on this EP.

Overall, At The Drive-In has continued their strong comeback with more tracks for fans to enjoy. It is comforting to know these guys are continuing to make music.


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