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Taken from OregonLive (December 21, 2016)

Biggest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub: Janet Jackson or Chaka Khan?

by The Tylt

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snubbed two of the world's greatest divas -- Janet Jackson and Chaka Khan. Neither superstar made it into the 2017 class, and many fans are disappointed. Janet is one of the best-selling artists of all time, yet she has been passed over twice already. Chaka has had a great influence as a member of Rufus and as a solo artist. Yet, she hasn't been inducted. But who deserved to be inducted more?


Janet Jackson and Chaka Khan are two of the most iconic music artists ever. Yet, neither one of them made it into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Ms. Jackson (because we're nasty, right) has been passed over TWICE. And many argue both her icon status and influence on today's artists reason enough to be in the Rock and Roll Hame of Fame.

The Daily Beast columnist Stereo Williams wrote:

... Janet's resurgence over the past two years has reignited recognition for the pop diva as one of the definitive artists of a generation. And unlike 2Pac, Janet could at least make an appearance. Her influence connects with a number of contemporary artists and fans in a way that Electric Light Orchestra never will. So it's the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's loss. Another year of getting it wrong means another year of irrelevance. The Rock Hall needs R&B far more than R&B needs the Rock Hall.

Chaka has had a great impact as a solo act and as a member of Rufus. Many of the artists who millennials listen to today were inspired by Chaka Khan. Hell, the artists who millennials' parents listen to were inspired by Chaka. She. Is. A. Living. Legend.

The 'Queen of Funk' definitely deserves to have her name and legacy included in the Rock Hall of Fame. Cleveland.com entertainment reporter Troy Smith wrote:

The list of artists Chaka Khan has influenced reads like a Billboard decade chart from the 1990s. There's everyone from Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston to Mariah Carey and Brandy. Even male artists like R. Kelly and Maxwell owe a bit of gratitude to the Queen of Funk.

And if you're one of those Rock Hall sticklers that insists inductees should follow a timeline of influence, you would say Chaka Khan deserves to be inducted before Janet Jackson.

Watch the music video for one of Janet's biggest hits "Rhythm Nation" below.

Watch the music video for one of Chaka's biggest hits "I Feel for You" below.


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