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Taken from STV (Dec 16, 2016)

Hip-hop icon KRS-One to perform and lecture in Dundee

The rapper is known for classics including Sound of Da Police and MCs Act Like They Don't Know.

by STV

KRS-One: Sound of Da Police coming to Dundee.
Creative Commons 3.0 by Mikamote / Cropped

A hip-hop icon and political campaigner is coming to Dundee this weekend.

KRS-One, the man behind crossover classics such as Sound of Da Police, will headline a show at the new Dungeon venue on Princes Street in the city.

The rapper, originally from The Bronx area of New York, will be educating as well as entertaining his Dundee fans.

After the headline show on Saturday night, KRS-One will return to the venue at 2pm the next day to deliver a lecture and meet some of his loyal supporters.

The talk will be three-hour masterclass called An Introduction to Hip Hop" and will go from the genre's origins to the present day.

The former member of Boogie Down Productions has emerged as a political commentator in recent years, interviewed about cases of police brutality and targeting of black people.

His signature hit Sound of Da Police is a savage indictment of racial profiling by police officers in his home city.

In an interview with CNN before the US election, the 51-year-old said: "It seems like racism in the United States is overflowing."

The man himself released a video promoting his upcoming appearance in Dundee and expressed his excitement at coming to Scotland.

"It's going to be so crazy", he says.

"This is a rare weekend up in Scotland. If you can make it, make sure you get there. Get your tickets early, because this is an intimate event."


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