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Taken from Inquisitr (Oct 21, 2016)

Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Crazy Train’ Is Back On Track With Sharon Osbourne And A New Solo Album In The Works

by Kim McLendon

For Ozzy Osbourne, “Crazy Train” isn’t just a song title. It is a lifestyle. The Black Sabbath frontman likes his life full of fast-paced adventure which he experiences with an eternal sense of wonder. At the same time, peace at home is also a major priority for Ozzy.

Sharon Osbourne is crazy too, or at least crazy in love with Ozzy Osbourne. Despite his summer affair news and his frank admission to a sex addiction and even more affairs, Sharon is hooked on Ozzy, as she explained so simply and elegantly to The Sun.

“I adore Ozzy,”

As Black Sabbath says farewell, Ozzy Osbourne isn’t ready to retire. The “Crazy Train” isn’t stopping after Sabbath departs the station. Ozzy is taking his “Crazy Train” right on to the end of the line, and he still has a long and strange trip ahead of him.

Rob “Blasko” Nicholson is quoted in Blabbermouth explaining how the powerful locomotive that is Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” is still a runaway train.

“So [Ozzy Osbourne] seems to be hinting at his continued enthusiasm to want to do that. ‘Cause he’s, like, ‘Well, SABBATH’s stopping, but I’m not stopping.’ So we’ll see. But I anticipate that something will start to brew when he’s, sort of, kind of come down and had some time to acclimate at being at home for a minute, and then he’ll probably wanna go back in and start to whip up some songs and see where that goes.”

Sharon Osbourne has purchased a new home for the family, so even their home will be different when Ozzy returns after Black Sabbath’s The End Tour. Sharon has decorated the new house with a full-sized black phone booth and portraits of Ozzy everywhere according to The Sun.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are totally back together on the home front, with a new house and a brand new start. Of course, they still have their legion of small dogs and cats, which the grandkids just love. The whole family is closer than ever.

With Sharon Osbourne contented in their new home, the Black Sabbath frontman is preparing to go into the studio to start recording immediately after Sabbath’s The End Tour. Ozzy will miss Sabbath, but he will continue his career as long as he can.

Ozzy Osbourne is planning another album that will be a sequel to the Scream album. The album will feature all-new music, and Ozzy has already started writing a bit in preparation for the studio, according to Blabbermouth. Sabbath’s frontman is ready to create new music as soon as Black Sabbath’s The End Tour is over. Nothing is ending for Ozzy.

“Once BLACK SABBATH is off the road, I will be heading into the studio with my band to get the songs recorded. Once it’s all in the can, you can be sure to see me back on the road again.”

Sharon, Ozzy, and Kelly Osbourne [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

Despite Sharon Osbourne’s reservations about Ozzy Osbourne still singing “Crazy Train” at 75, Ozzy’s plan seems to be exactly that. He’s going to drive that “Crazy Train” right up to the end of the line. It sounds like he is determined not to quit till he falls over. Blabbermouth quotes what Ozzy told the Pulse of Radio.

“I don’t wanna stop, you know. It’s been the biggest love affair of my life. When you reach a certain age in rock ‘n’ roll, people think, ‘Well, this has got to be his last tour,’ or ‘This has got to be his last tour,’ or ‘You’ve got to come next Tuesday ’cause he ain’t gonna do it after that.’ You’ll know when I’ve come off the road permanently. I mean, you’ll know!”


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