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Taken from USACOUNTRYUK (May 02, 2016)

Ashton Lane: Seventeen

by Lisa

Ashton Lane: Seventeen-Cover

Hot off the back of 'One Kiss Later', one of Glasgow's hottest country duo's have released their next single. 'Seventeen' is the second single to be released off of the album Nashville Heart which has already received mass acclaim and given a 5* review in Maverick Magazine.

The song sees Esther and Tim take the lead on vocals as they sing a reminiscent song on about an old high school flame. The lyrics tell a bittersweet tale on the idea of the one that got away; when people are care free and in love. "I think it's something that many people can relate to; a high school sweetheart that you think back to after the years have gone by".

The song sees Esther and Tim take the lead on Ashton Lane bring a celtic element to their album Nashville Heart and this is true with "Seventeen" where a lamenting fiddle is added to the beautiful melody."From the moment that we wrote the song it's been a firm favourite of mine, and one that we wanted to release as a single. It's usually the song we open up our live shows with and the opening track from the album Nashville Heart" - Esther O'Connor.

You can also listen to 'Seventeen' now on iTunes.


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