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Taken from Neon Nettle (Dec 08, 2015)

KRS ONE Explains The Reason Why We Should Never Fear The Illuminati

Hip Hop legend KRS ONE distinguishes difference From Masons

by Sam Meaghan

© Google: He points out that no one understands that The Illuminati refers to the “Illuminated Ones”

Bloods, krips, Biggie and Tupac aside, there is a new divide amongst hip-hop and it’s one of ideologues. There is apparently not only a distinct difference between Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

In this video interview with KRS-One, he distinguishes the difference between the Illuminati that society knows and the two Illuminati that actually founded the group.

KRS-One explains how people often misconceive Freemasonry with The Illuminati. He points out that no one understands that The Illuminati refers to the “Illuminated Ones” – people who know the stars, or, equally people of Science. Yet, the other side of The illuminati, the one that people often don’t recognise, is that bankers, or the Rothschild brothers also set it up. They then were given this name for being able to buy many illuminated things, such as gold.

The ‘Sound of Da Police’ rapper also points out that society inconceivably misunderstand both groups of The Illuminati and the Freemasons. He points out that whilst Freemasonry exists, The illuminati do not. This statement blows almost all ideas that either of these societies has ben completely fabricated.

© Google: The people who take up freemasonry are required to have a high moral standing.

He points out that the CIA and FBI both encourage his beliefs by “asking for autographs” or giving him “their cars” to get to and from concerts as well as album signings. He points out that whist Freemasonry is a genuine belief into how facts present themselves in the way that they deal with them EG referring to everything in a nautical way, The Illuminati, can’t be followed in a system of beliefs but in a system of money.

Cleverly, he points out that due to the psychological problems that society faces whether it be Depression or anxiety, The illuminati isn’t a strong enough set of beliefs compared to that of Freemasonry. With Freemasonry, anyone can join with enough money, but not in the same sense that scientology works. With scientology, there is no real place that the money goes, whereas Freemasonry offers it to several places, including charitable organisations.

The people who take up freemasonry are required to have a high moral standing, where as with The Illuminati it doesn’t matter. The strong difference between both of these “societies” or groups is that one of them requires you to have strong finances – unsurprisingly, given it was founded by the Rothschild brothers – the other requires to you have ethics and a strong will to understand others.


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