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Taken from Music-News (Jul 09, 2015) and Ultimate Classic Rock (Jul 09, 2015)

Peter Gabriel posts from studio / Peter Gabriel Working on New Album

by VVN Music

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Peter Gabriel is working on a new album and he wants the world to know it.

New recorded music from Gabriel has been a long time coming over the last couple of decades. It took six years to move from the classic So in 1986 to Us in 1992 and another decade before we saw Up in 2002.

Since that time, he has released the covers album Scratch My Back (2010) and orchestral reimagining of earlier songs New Blood (2011) but we are now at thirteen years and counting for any original new music.

That's why fans have been excited by a string of posts on Gabriel's Facebook page showing him in the studio working on a new album.

Just since the beginning of June, we've seen studio shots and, as of late, a number of posts showing people that Peter takes technology seriously and is backing up all music four times over.

Ultimate Classic Rock
by Dave Lifton

Getty Images

Peter Gabriel has been hard at work on his first album since 2011’s New Blood. For the past six weeks, he’s uploaded pictures from the recording studio onto social media, giving everybody a glimpse into the making of the record.

The swell of activity began on May 27, when a post to Gabriel’s Facebook page included two photos of a computer screen bearing the name of a project called “PG new album 2014-2015 all May Radio E song version 6.” Later updates featured pictures of Ged Lynch behind a drum kit, Gabriel’s hands on a keyboard and the incredible steps he’s taken to back up the music onto hard drives.

Gabriel’s last album of all-new material was 2002’s Up. Since then, he’s released two orchestral records — Scratch My Back, a 2010 collection of covers, and New Blood from 2011, which reworked some of his older songs. In November, he debuted an unreleased song, “What Lies Ahead,” at a concert in Turin, Italy.

The singer and songwriter has admitted to being a major procrastinator. A large part of the delay is also Gabriel’s tendency to not be satisfied with a track once it’s finished. “I really need to stop doing other things and lock myself away for a while,” he said in 2013. “It probably hasn’t moved nearly as much as I would have liked to in the intervening time.The songs are still there, but some of them I would redo now and there’s some new stuff as well. I keep arranging until the cows come home, which is sometimes a weakness.”

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