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Joe Bowie & DEFUNKT @ Maschinenhaus - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2019-12-25 23:55:13

JoeBowie & Defunkt@Maschinenhaus - 12/03/19

Facebook is always good for event announcements. In September there was an announcement by Joe Bowie that Defunkt will play in Berlin again. But this time not at Quasimodo, but at the Kesselhaus / Maschinenhaus (Kulturbrauerei Prenslauer-Berg). I told Ville and Bengie that I would like to go there and than wait until ...

One day before I asked Ville again and he was totally surprised that this should be the next day. Half an hour later he told me that he got two tickets. So I bought a ticket too. So I at least had the incentive to go to a concert again.

On the concert day - punctually from work at home - I was exactly at 8 pm at the Kulturbrauerei. But there I had to push myself through the crowds because there was a Christmas market on the premises of the Kulturbrauerei. Just entering the anteroom of the Kesselhaus / Maschinenhaus I discovered Ville and Bengie. After we had handed in our jackets at the cloakroom, we went one floor higher into the Maschinenhaus.

I didn't know it yet (but I have been in the Kesselhaus next door at least twice), nice atmosphere, but relatively few people (50?). First I ordered a beer for the three of us, but shortly after this the gig started relaxed when Defunkt came on stage and it got a bit crowded there (80 - 100).

Interesting this time was that Defunkt was playing without John Mulkerin - trumpet and long time member - and no guitar (Kelvyn Bell). Besides Garry "Gman" Sullivan (drums) and Kim Clarke (bass) he had Linley Marthe (bass, keyboard) and Vincent Brijs (saxophone) on board this time.

From the first moment on the audience was captivated by the fast, crossover Defunkt sound and most of them started dancing and rocking along. In my opinion they didn't play any new songs, but with their classics like 'Make Them Dance', 'Strangling Me With Your Love', 'Defunkt', 'Mind Control', 'Illusion', 'I Tried To Live Alone', 'Avoid The Funk', 'Believing In Love', 'A Peace Of Mind', 'You Don't Know' the two hours program was over quite fast.

Afterwards we stayed for a while, emptied our remaining beer, collected some impressions and a DEFUNKT-poster, which was hanging outside at the entrance.

When we went down to the cloakroom, the people from the Kesselhaus came out at the same time. There I recognized an employee from Alnatura, who works around the corner from us - but he seemed to be a little embarrassed. Ville and Bengie accompanied me to the subway, where we said goodbye. About 30 minutes later I was at home.


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