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Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls @ Columbiahalle - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2018-11-27 10:20:30

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls
Columbiahalle Berlin 11/22/18

Last year Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls were in Berlin in January. Unfortunately I was too late, so I didn't get any more tickets. Now - my first time - I ordered in time and they played at the Columbiahalle - a home game for me.

Admission was already at 6:30pm - start at 7:30pm, so I had to take a train early from work to be there in time. But during the day I noticed that Frank Turner is supported by 2 other bands, so I didn't have to hurry.

Around 8pm I was at the Columbiahalle, where the second support band PUP played. But it was already pretty crowded there. I got myself a beer and went up to the gallery because from there you had a better view to the stage. There I got a wonderful place with a good view to the stage.

PUP played another 3 - 4 songs (at one song they had the bright white spotlights pointed directly to the gallery so you had to cover your eyes) before they left the stage at 8:30pm. After a short break for the rebuild they started on time at 9pm with Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls.

And it started right away with fast songs like "1933", "Blackout" and "Get Better". The audience was immediately involved - downstairs they danced Pogo, but also upstairs on the gallery the fans danced and clapped. After the first song Frank Turner welcomed the audience in German and found some nice introductory words, where the most used word of him was "fucking". "F...ing" PunkRock show - "f...ing" good audience ...

There were always nice changes between fast songs like "I Still Believe" or "The Road" or slow ballads like "The Ballad Of Me And My Friends" only with acoustic guitar. Many from the audience knew the lyrics by heart, so that he sometimes only let the audience sing or he also went to the audience several times, sometimes standing or carried by the people on their hands, but always sang along. He also played some songs from the new record, but somehow it didn't ignite like that, so he asked if we would rather listen to the old songs. The audience bawled out.

He also wanted us to confirm that we were better/louder than those in Wiesbaden or Hamburg. Of course we were better/louder. At 10:30pm they disappeared from the stage for a short time to start the Encore with 3 - 4 more songs including once again "I Still Believe" and "Four Simple Words".

Quite surprising for me was the end at 10:47pm - because I had assumed that less than 3 hours Frank Turner doesn't do it. But even so most of the spectators were satisfied. I stayed on top of the gallery for a while until the traffic jam down the stairs had settled a bit. Then I went to the merchandise and got a T-Shirt. Afterwards strolled comfortably home. Great evening.

Here are some videos made by other people
    Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls - 1933 - 2018-11-22 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video1
    Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls - Recovery - 2018-11-22 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video2
    Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls - Redemption - 2018-11-22 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video3
    Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls - Out of breath - 2018-11-22 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video4
    Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls - I still believe/Four simple words - 2018-11-22 Columbiahalle Berlin DE - video5

And here the setlist as found on internet:
01 1933
02 Blackout
03 Get Better
04 Recovery
05 Little Changes
06 The Next Storm
07 Brave Face
08 Plain Sailing Weather
09 The Way I Tend to Be
10 Be More Kind
11 Eulogy (In German)
12 If Ever I Stray
13 Try This at Home
14 One Foot Before the Other
15 The Road

Frank solo
16 Redemption
17 Father's Day
18 The Ballad of Me and My Friends
19 I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
20 Out of Breath
21 Photosynthesis

22 Don't Worry
23 I Still Believe
24 Four Simple Words
25 Polaroid Picture


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