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The Sunpilots @ Ex'n'Pop - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2012-05-12 02:47:43

The SunPilots @Ex'n'Pop / Berlin

What a week!!!

My schedule plan for this week was like every evening - except Monday - is booked for some special occasion. Friday night was planned for The Sunpilots. When I was coming home from work at 8 pm I didn''t know if I should go. So I asked Bob, Justin and Raj via Facebook at which time they will start to play. Some minutes later I got the first reply - for that kind of info I like Facebook - that they will be delayed and maybe start to play around Midnight. So I had enough time to relax for it.



Peter Gabriel & New Blood Orchestra 2012 @ O2 World - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2012-05-09 23:11:45

Peter Gabriel & New Blood Orchestra at O2 World / Berlin

Already in January I got a newsletter from the German Genesis Fanclub that Peter Gabriel would be on tour in May and they get special tickets for the show. So I ordered two tickets (thanks Christian from Fanclub) - got them in March and I knew that we would be in the second line before the stage and that I would see him again after 25 years (my first Berlin gig in 1987).

Before Gabriel and the Orchestra started to play he introduced one of his female singers who sang two songs supported by piano. They were staying on the stage before the big security fence which opened immediately when she was leaving the stage.

The stage was full of video installations where motives concerning to the songs were shown.

Peter Gabriel and the Orchestra started to play with the Bowie classic "HEROES" followed by "WALLFLOWERS" and some other songs which I didn't know by name but from the lyrics and melody. In the middle of the show he played his hits from the "SO" record like "MERCY STREET" and "RED RAIN" followed by "SOLSBURY HILL".



Groundation @ C-Club - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2012-05-05 02:23:43

Groundation at C-Club / Berlin

Some weeks ago, Michael (Versace) Ver Steegt wrote me a msg on Facebook that he is coming to Berlin/C-Club as the Live Sound Engineer for Groundation. Well, Friday night - I told him I will be there.

I didn't know Groundation before so I started to listen to some songs on Internet. Reggae music - so I knew I would like it.

When I was coming home from work this evening I saw my wife sick in bed and our children without something to eat, so I made a soup before I was leaving home for the gig.

I arrived there at 9 pm, bought a ticket and went in - saw Michael previously (first at the mixer and than he was on stage) but before I said Hello to him I ordered a beer and went outside to the beergarden to smoke a cig.



Dominique Horwitz @ Tipi am Kanzleramt - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2012-04-21 23:35:54

Dominique Horwitz interprets Jacques Brel

It was the second time my wife and I saw Dominique Horwitz making Chanson songs with a band. Some years ago he was singing songs of Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weil at the "Kesselhaus/Kulturbrauerei.

And this time he was at the Tipi-Tent near the Chancelor-Administration. We found some good places to sit and could order something to drink and eat before the show began.

When Horwitz entered the stage together with his band (piana, guitar, drums, contra-bass and accordeon) the audience became absolute quit and they could recognize the presence of Horwitz from the first moment. The theme of this tour were songs of Jacques Brel - every song was in french - so as a native french man he is - it was wonderful to hear him sing. In between the songs he was explaining in german lyric phrases what the next song is about to be.



The SunPilots @ Frannz Club - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2011-12-24 01:10:43

The Sunpilots meet Finland

Short after The Sunpilots had played at Junction Bar, I knew there next gig was one day before xmas and I had this wonderful idea to bring my whole young family there - who were visiting us over the xmas-days.

On Facebook I checked out at which time they were mentioned to play because there were also some other Berlin-Newcomer bands. Bob - guitarplayer of The SunPilots - wrote me back that they should start around 9 pm.

So me, my wife, her brother, his girlfriend and my wife's sister left our home at 8 pm and we were there 1/2 hour before they should start.

Another band was playing already so we took some drinks, saw the Pilots staying around and we were excited to see and hear them play.



KMFDM + Support (Army of the universe) @ K17 - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2011-11-09 21:23:45

KMFDM - Bandphoto

Already in June I knew that KMFDM is coming to Berlin. I asked Judit from The Netherlands whether she liked also to go there. After it was clear she will come to Berlin, I bought the tickets and was waiting for this gig. She arrived the day before so we had enough time to talk about other things.

The day of the gig I had to work and was at home at 7 pm. We arrived at K17 1/2 hour before the gig started. The supporting act - Army of the universe started at 9 pm - 3 people on stage (a singer - very self-absorbed, a guitar player - who couldn't really play guitar and a mixmaster for the rest of the sound). It was electro rock - not very ambitious. After some songs some people were going out to have some more to drink. We, too.



The Sunpilots @ Junction Bar - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2011-10-28 00:13:10

The Sunpilots@JunctionBar20111027

I was excited to see The Sunpilots again. And they were playing at Junction Bar - the tip for this club was by me. It should start at 9 pm and when I arrived there 20 min later they were still outside or talking with guests. There were maybe 20-30 people - not that much I expected. I hoped there would come more later on. I also saw that they had another drummer.

They had a special guest this night called Ray Man - also from Australia but now living in Berlin like The SunPilots. He started to play an accoustic set - him, his guitar and a wonderful romantic voice. The way he was playing guitar reminds me a little bit of Stanley Jordan.



Michael Franti and Spearhead @ Paradiso - Amsterdam(NED)




Posted: 2011-10-23 11:15:31

Michael Franti & Spearhead @Paradiso/Amsterdam/NED

Before the show:
At 5 pm we came to the railway station by bike and 15 min later we reached Centraal in Amsterdam. On the way to Paradiso we took some food and arrived at Paradiso 1/2 h before the show began. At the door I was a little bit anxious if we were really on the guestlist but everything was ok and we got our passes - Marion and Bauke for the aftershow and me with All Access. The show was sold out - so many people but we got a good place on the middle right side 10 m away from the stage.



The SunPilots @ Arcanoa - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2011-08-13 02:42:10

The Sunpilots Facebook picture

It was already in January when I heard the first time from The Sunpilots. Getting connected through MySpace and Facebook there was this gig-date for Berlin announced and I was sure to go there because I like this progressive - poetic kind of rock music - and - Arcanoa is only 900m away from my home.

This friday was very cloudy and in the earlier evening it started to rain "out of all buckets". I was tired and not sure if I should go. So first I started to sleep some time. I woke up at 10 pm - the rain stopped and I went immediately. The gig already started as I heard it outside from the street. The Arcanoa is a very small music-bar and maybe 30 - 40 people were there.

I heard the songs - except "Drones" - for the first time and I think they were playing almost all songs from their new record "King of the sugarcoated tongues". In the first part of their show they were also doin a cover of Dylan/Hendrix "All along the watchtower".



Anti-Flag @ C-Club - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2010-10-24 00:13:45

Vans of the wall night

Anti-Flag was headliner for the Vans of the wall night here in Berlin. The other actors of this night were The Swellers, Pulled apart by horses and Red Lights Flash. Saw this as an event notice on facebook and the Columbia-Club/Hall is my "home-venue" so I decided to go there. Never heard Anti-Flag before. I only know they were one band at the PTTP-Festival in 2005 (3/5).

I was arriving at the Columbia Hall at 8:30 pm and a lot of people were waiting outside. I asked one of the securities if I have to wait in line showing him my online ticket and he said yes. What a pitty. Saw the gig was completly sold out. After some minutes I asked one in the line if they know "Anti-Flag" - looking at me a little bit confused with the answer "Einstuerzende Neubauten" are playing in the Columbia Hall. - HiHi - the wrong venue, but only 50m next there is the Columbia-Club and everything was ok.

Inside I heard the last song of Pulled apart by horses and Red Lights Flash were following 5 min later. As the sound and music didn't fit to my ears I was going outside into the Club's beergarden having some cigs, drink and I listened to the discussions of the people (tax return, broadcast fee, shopping - what? we are at a punk-concert).



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