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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals @ Columbiahalle - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2016-09-27 00:14:45

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals @ Columbiahalle

Two weeks before I asked my wife if she would like to come with me to Ben Harper. She didn't know him so I played some YouTube-Live-songs for her and she liked it. I ordered two tickets.

We went there by foot - only 5min from our home - and were standing 15min in a long line of people who wanted to get in.

When we were inside a support band (sorry didn't know the name) was already palying. We ordered two beers and went outside to the beergarden to wait until Ben Harper would start to play.

It was short after 9pm when Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals started to play. Short before we were going to the empore to have a good place to stay and see the stage.



Living Colour @ Frannz Club - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2016-07-17 00:06:10

Living Colour @ FrannzClub

It was already fixed more than 3 months that my wife and I would go to see Living Colour this year. Also Anja who got a ticket from us as a birthday present would come with us.

We arrived at the Frannz Club early enough and took a place in the back of the venue just behind the bar. Anja was coming some minutes later after Living Colour alredady started to play.

Music was coming out of the speakers but no Living Colour on stage. I knew that song. It was WTFF from the Stain-record which I integrated in a mixtape from the 90’s.



KRS-One @ YAAM - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2016-06-19 22:09:33

KRS-One poster @ YAAM-Club

Finally at all I was disappointed - a bit - about that gig or about KRS-One - I really don't know - but let's start a little bit earlier.

At the end of April I got a gig alert by one of the many ticket-gig-websites and it was told Berlin would be the only gig of him in Germany so I decided to go.

Knowing my son's music taste I asked him (J.) if he would like to come with me. He said yes and asked if a friend of him (A.) could also come with us. So I bought 3 tickets.

The day of the gig I was at home at 8pm from work so we decided to go there just in time. We took the bus and arrived at the YAAM 8:40pm. Before the entrance there was a maybe 50m long line of people waiting to get in. On a fence near us were hanging some gig posters also this one (photo). Inside everything was like the last time except the PowerAmplifier was surrounded by a framework with steps and a kind of empore behind the PA. I took a beer and went to the place I wanted to go from the first time - the fourth step of the framework at the PA. J. & A. were going more in front of the stage and danced there all the time.

A DJ was already partying the people. At 9:15pm another DJ was coming on stage and the first one was taking his things from stage - so it wouldn't take long until KRS-One would appear. The DJ (later one KRS-One told that it is his son???) played some 80's and 90's stuff. It was getting louder and the place was filled with people.

It was 9:38pm (my video says this) when KRS-One entered the stage. But from the first moment this gig was "sure to fail". He tried to rap into the mic but the mic didn't work. First I thought he wasn't satisfied with the audience so he left the stage and returned for a new start with a new mic but even this didn't work. He got another mic and finally this worked. The first hour I liked pretty much. He was giving us his classics like "Criminal minded", "South Bronx" and of course "Sound of da police". There were also some co-rappers giving first some support to him and also had their solo apearances. One caucasian rapper also followed (what happened: The mic didn't work) and some rastaphan who was doin ragga muffin very quick. There were a lot of breaks, a lot of giving advices to the audience and my feeling turned into a bad mood. So 15 min before it was over I left my fourth step place and went to the bar for one more beer and waited there for the rest of the show. It seemed that KRS-One was really pissed of so after the last song he didin't come back for some more songs. 5 min later I found J. & A.. I told them what I was thinkin about the show. In contrast to me they liked it a lot. We went out and tried to find a kiosk for some cool drink but the bus was coming so we took it directly to get near home. There they took something to drink. So in the end we were at home between 11:30 - 12pm.

Notice: 4 days later my son together with some of his friends was again at the YAAM-Club for some music in context of the "Fete de la musique" and he told me that they met KRS-One there and that they made a selfie with him. Respect.

Here are two videos I made - not very good but you can see how the start was:
    KRS-One - 2016-06-17 YAAM Berlin DE - Vid1
    KRS-One - 2016-06-17 YAAM Berlin DE - Vid2


Queen - A Night in Bohemia @ Colosseum - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2016-03-11 23:13:47

Queen - A Night in Bohemia

Informed by email alert two weeks before this documentary/concert-film about the legendary Hammersmith gig of Queen in 1975 should be shown at any UCI-Cinemas. I liked to go but not alone. My wife couldn't come so I asked Petra and Sven if they would watch some Queen stuff with me and - surprise surprise - they said yes. I ordered the tickets and was very excited to see a gig of Queen from that time.

We met at the cinema 30 min before it should start - enough time to get something to drink.

First they were showing a 45 min documentation about the foundation of Queen, how difficult it was in the first years and how it came to the "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Then the film about the Hamersmith gig started. I was a little bit disappointed about the sound quality and that the gig only took 1 hour but remember this was Christmas and over 40 years ago.

It was the first time where "Bohemian Rhapsody" was played live before an audience. I was happy that they also played some songs from their second album "Queen II" - especially "The March of the Black Queen" - one of my favorites of all times.



Caravan Palace @ Heimathafen Neukoelln - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2016-02-22 19:06:34

Caravan Palace@Heimathafen Neukoelln - Berlin 07/02/16

Some days before Anja - a good friend of us - invited me via Facebook for the Caravan Palace gig at the Heimathafen Neukoelln.

I knew already one song of this Electro swing band which was in one of Chico Alves podcasts at Podomatic - Outro Mundo 29 - so we decided to go there.

I bought two online-tickets for me and my wife.

On the day we met with Anja before the location where a lot of people were already waiting.

It took some minutes before we could go inside the venue. The hall was already filled with a lot of people.

We ordered some beer and were prepared for the gig.



Steve Hackett @ UdK - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2015-09-22 08:55:41

Steve Hackett@UdK - Berlin 13/09/15

Already in May I ordered two tickets at the German Gensis-Fanclub for this show, so we got two seats in the second line almost in the middle of the stage.

Even though it was mid-September the weather was still fine so we took the bike to go there and arrived at the UdK 10 min before the show should start. I Never was there before. A theatre-clock was ringing so the rest of the audience should know it would start in the next minutes. It was not possible to take something to drink inside so we took our seats. As in a theatre the doors were closed and the show started immediately.

The band members came out - keyboard player Roger King, drummer Gary O’Toole, sax and flute player Rob Townsend, and bassist and guitarist Roine Stolt - also singer Nad Sylvan but he were more active later on - they took their places and started to play. With the first notes also the lightshow started which didn't fit to my wife's eyes - especially the red and white light - but she took it herolike. Steve Hackett started with a song from his new record "Wolflight". After this he introduced himself that the show is splitted in two parts. The first part would be from his solo records and the second part with Genesis songs which weren't played very often at the Genesis shows. I was excited which songs this would be.



The Sunpilots @ Culture Container - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2015-03-31 22:08:51

The Sunpilots @ Culture Container Berlin 17/03/15

Invited some weeks before via Facebook by The Sunpilots themselves, I tried to activate some people for this gig - especially my brother in law from Finland who was in Berlin for some days with a couple of his friends. The day before they saw Paul Simon and Sting at the O2 World - but no one liked to go out at this day.

So I went there by bus (same direction as the Yaam Club). On the way I tried again to activate another friend who lives nearby for this event, but he was not that spontaneous.

I arrived there at 9pm and enterd the area - a place near the river Spree - flats made out of used wood and windows and an old ship-container where the gig should happen.



Groundation @ Yaam Club - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2014-11-13 07:51:10

Groundation @ Yaam Club / Berlin 31/10/14

It was Halloween weekend and a lot of people were dressed up in costumes this night. I left home at maybe 9 pm by bus so it took me almost near the Yaam Club. On the way I tried to reach a friend by phone if he would like to come with me but there was no answer.

When I arrived at the venue there was a long queue before the entrance. I went to the front and asked if I could get in because I should be listed on the guestlist but the bouncer showed me the way back to the line. So it took maybe 15 - 20 min before I passed the entrance. On the cashpoint I asked for checking the guestlist for my name. After a while they found it and I could get in.



The Sunpilots @ Privatclub - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2014-07-28 05:09:12

The Sunpilots @ Privatclub / Berlin 24/07/14

As they announced it already several weeks and the days before, this was the farewell gig of The Sunpilots here in Berlin. They will leave EU in September for a 3 month US-Tour and no one can say if it will take only 3 months.

There were two other bands / artists playing this day so I asked Raj which band will play at what time. He told me that they were scheduled for 11 pm so there was enough time for my wife and me to get prepared for it (back from work at 8 pm, some relaxing time, shower ...).



Dub FX @ Nordhafen - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2014-07-22 08:20:38

Dub FX @ Nordhafen
Berlin 20/07/14

What a weekend!!! Dub FX in a double pac.

First this hot performance @SO36 the day before and than the other day poor energetic fun at this 3 hours streetshow @Nordhafen - including jam session with other street artists.

During the SO36-gig Dub FX told the audience that they will make a street show the other day at 5 pm so I was looking for more infos when I was back at home again.

The streetshow should happen under a bridge near Nordhafen - never have been there before. I came there half an hour before it should start. I found it immediately because sound could already be heard from there.

There were some people (maybe 20 - 30) sitting around this area but I was not sure if they were there because of the streetshow. I was looking for a shadowed place and a good look to the installations. I asked some other people if they were here because of Dub FX but they were surprised to hear about it.



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