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Queen & Adam Lambert @ Mercedes Benz Arena - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2018-06-30 11:02:45

Queen & Adam Lambert@Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin 06/19/18

Already at the beginning of February I had ordered my ticket via internet (119 € - a proud price). This time with a better and closer view to the stage than at The Red Hot Chilly Peppers. I took a train home early from work, made me fresh and swung on my bike - only with my ticket, money and smartphone provided. After about 1 km it occurred to me that the last time I was asked for an identity card or something similar at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Back again or further? Then I drove on. At 7:30 pm I was in front of the MBA. No extra control.

I quickly found my block in there. First a beer ordered, briefly on the terrace and shortly before 8 then to my place. In my row were only 2 seats and next to me sat a woman who I said hello. I noticed from the first words that she was Finnish. Until the beginning we talked about Finland, Finnish musicians and of course Queen. It turned out that she is a real groupie, because she also goes to 2 or 3 other Queen+AL concerts here in Europe, "actually because of Adam Lambert but Queen is of course also great".

At 20:15 Queen + Adam Lambert started their stage show. In the background, a huge media screen was set up, where the huge robot (Frank) from "News of the World" made the introduction, before the musicians became visible on stage and played their first song ("Tear it up"). And then they played a colorful potporrie of their greatest hits with some emotional highlight and a damn good show. At times I had the feeling that Brian May's guitar wasn't 100% well mixed, but that was just a small side note.

No matter, from the first moment the audience (me too) was completely enthusiastic and sang along all their hits. For me the songs "Play The Game", "I'm in Love With My Car" and of course "Bohemian Rhapsody" were the most beautiful. The absolute highlight was Brian's solo performance when he spoke to the audience in German sitting on a bar stool with acoustic guitar in front of the stage and then tuned in to "Love of my Life". The audience took care of the rest. At the end of the song Freddie Mercury was faded in on the screen, who - it seemed - sang with the audience. Brian then turned around and thanked the audience and Freddie - visibly touched for the great support. Also the solos of Brian and Roger Taylor were musically and media worth seeing.

After "Bohemian Rhapsody", the musicians left the stage, but the audience clapped them back on stage for the grand finale, because after all, two of their greatest hits were still missing. "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" were then replaced by "God Save the Queen" and everyone knew that this was the end after just over 2 hours.

Info: Contrary to reviews that could be read in the media the next day - Lambert cover band, musical singer ... - most of the audience had left the concert enthusiastic. That's all I saw. And Lambert was good. He can't and won't replace Freddie, he gives the Queen hits his own touch and that's a good thing. I also noticed that the arena wasn't sold out. There was still a lot of room on the sides and some blocks in the upper ranks were also sparsely occupied, but summa sumarum it was a great concert and I am happy to have seen Queen again after the 1986 festival in Mannheim. Thanks Roger, Brian, Adam and the companion band (sorry - I don't remember their names).

Here is the setlist from SetList.fm:
1. Tear It Up
2. Seven Seas of Rhye
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. Play the Game
5. Fat Bottomed Girls
6. Killer Queen
7. Don't Stop Me Now
8. Bicycle Race
9. I'm in Love With My Car
10. Another One Bites the Dust
11. Lucy
12. I Want It All
13. Love of My Life (Brian May solo acoustic, with... more )
14. Somebody to Love
15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
16. Drum Battle
17. Under Pressure
18. I Want to Break Free
19. You Take My Breath Away (snippet) / Who Wants to Live Forever
20. Last Horizon
21. Guitar Solo
22. The Show Must Go On
23. Radio Ga Ga
24. Bohemian Rhapsody

Encore: Day-Oh
25. We Will Rock You
26. We Are the Champions
End: God Save the Queen

And here are some videos taken from YouTube (I also made some but they were in a bad quality):
    Queen & Adam Lambert - Complete show - 2018-06-19 Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin DE - video1
    Queen & Adam Lambert - Seven seas of Rhye, Tie your mother down and Play the Game - 2018-06-19 Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin DE - video2
    Queen & Adam Lambert - Love of my Life - 2018-06-19 Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin DE - video3

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