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Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT @ Quasimodo - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2018-01-12 21:15:43

Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT@Quasimodo Berlin 01/05/18

Today was a historic day for Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT: 40 years of stage presence. So it should be a special concert and YES it was.

It was also special because this time not only my wife and I were there, but also Ville & Devi (Tickets were a birthday present for Ville), Bengi, Anja and Kalle - my wife's cousin - and his wife. At the last concert here (Uli Jon Roth) there wasn't much going on at 9:30pm and we had the super-stay at the back near the mixer again. Three steps higher than the rest - super-view. That was the goal again this time. Since Defunkt is always full, I was there at 9pm this time (Anja also), but unfortunately the good places were already occupied. Nevertheless, we have established ourselves there. Ville & Devi arrived at 9:30pm and my wife arrived shortly afterwards. Only Kalle & Frau arrived shortly before the start. Two of us could be right at the front of the mixer. The rest was spread out behind it.

Pretty punctually at 10:30pm DEFUNKT started to play and immediately with my favorite song ‘Mind Control’, which I also recorded - followed by ‘Piece of Mind’. Due to the fact that the picture quality was so low with my camera, I left it to record more songs. Instead, I just enjoyed listening and dancing.

The line-up of Defunkt was exactly the same as a year ago: Joseph Bowie (vocals/trombone), Kim Clarke (bass/vocals), John Mulkerin (trumpet/vocals), Kelvyn Bell (guitar/vocals) and Garry "Gman" Sullivan (drums).

After playing their classics from Thermo nuclear sweat (‘Illusion’, ‘Believing In Love’, ‘Avoid The Funk’ and ‘Ooh Baby’) there was a short break. After that she continued with her first song ever: ‘Make them dance’ - also like the last time much faster than the studio version. Joseph also told a little about the special energy that music can generate between artist and audience. Then there were various soli from all of them. The concert ended (at least I believe) with ‘I tried to live alone’ at about 01:30am the next day. After a short resume before the Quasimodo we said goodbye. My wife and I went out for a quick bite to eat and were at home at 3am.

Notice: At first the women's toilets were defective, after the break also the men's toilets, so that one had to go to the toilet in the bar above the Quasimodo - which has just been renovated. And I also noticed that Joseph had some problems with the trombone. The air is apparently no longer quite sufficient to create singing and trombone with 100%. Still, it was a great concert.

Here are some selfmade videos from the beginning
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - Mind Control (Opener) - 2018-01-05 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video1
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - Mind Control - 2018-01-05 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video2
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - Piece of Mind - 2018-01-05 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video3

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