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Uli Jon Roth @ Quasimodo - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2017-11-12 14:59:36

Uli Jon Roth@Quasimodo Berlin 10/28/17

Once again I came across this concert by chance. The Quasimodo announces concerts on facebook again and again and then the name appeared: Uli Jon Roth. The next day, I bought tickets for my wife and me.

The concert took place on the last weekend of October and for the night from Saturday to Sunday Orcan was announced, so we didn't go there with the bicycles.

In contrast to the last time we were at Quasimodo at 9:30 pm. No queue at the entrance, the Quasimodo was still very sparse, but there was still time, because the Quasimodo never starts before 10 pm (above there is a theater and when performing there, music from below can be very annoying).

Hardly inside the Quasimodo several people distributed flyers to the people coming in and hey - I knew one of them immediately that he studied geology together with me. We greeted each other warmly and got to know each other well, after I had bought us some drinks. They were also standing at our favourite place in the Quasimodo - at the back of the stage, but 3 steps higher and looking at the middle of the stage.

The musicians only arrived on stage around 10:30 pm, but the relaxed conversation made time fly by. Uli Jon Roth was supported by a band called Crystal Breed. The first song was "All night long" from the legendary Scorpions record "Tokio Tapes", followed by "The Sails Of Charon" - one of my favorite songs - "We'll burn the sky" and "In Trance" and some other songs from "Tokio Tapes". Only during the break I saw that the program of Uli Jon Roth is called "Tokyo Tapes Revisited".

At the beginning I made some short videos - see below - and photos. Then I only enjoyed the concert. After a 15 min Jimi Hendrix Medley - incl. "All along the Watchtower" and "Little Wing"- the gig was finished around 1 am the next day. The orcan had picked up speed by now, so we took a taxi home.

As far as I can remember here are the songs they were performing

All night long
The Sails Of Charon
We'll burn the sky
In Trance
Fly to the Rainbow (accustic spain intro)
Pictured life
Sun in my hand
Polar Nights
Dark Lady

All along the watchtower / Little wing

and here some selfmade videos
    2017-10-28 Uli Jon Roth & Crystal Breed@Quasimodo Berlin (DE) - All night long - video1
    2017-10-28 Uli Jon Roth & Crystal Breed@Quasimodo Berlin (DE) - The Sails Of Charon Part 1 - video2
    2017-10-28 Uli Jon Roth & Crystal Breed@Quasimodo Berlin (DE) - The Sails Of Charon Part 2 - video3

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