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Dub FX @ Werk2 - Leipzig(DE)




Posted: 2017-09-04 21:42:51

Dub FX@Werk2 Leipzig 08/31/17

No Dub FX this year in Berlin - only Cologne, Kassel or Leipzig which could be possible. I asked my sister if she would join me in Kassel but she said that the music didn’t fit for her so I decided to go to Leipzig - taking a Hotel nearby and two vacation days for this special event

So well prepared for the day I arrived Leipzig at 4pm - taking a taxi and arrived some minutes later at the Hotel. I had a nice room and enough time to relax before going out for the gig.

At 8:30pm I went to the Werk 2 only 500m away from the Hotel. I got in there and find a nice place just in front of the power amplifier.

The opener - DJ DERRICK - was already turning the tables - a lot of Drum & Bass, Jungle and other things - a very good mix so far.

The hall filled step by step with more people and how could it be different - some large people were standing in front of me but it took some more time until Dub FX was starting to play so the Giants take some other places. Happy.

Then - it was already 10pm - Dub FX entered the stage and he got it from the first moment.

I was surprized that he was there as a solo performer not like the last years with Andy V and guitarplayer - but even so it was one of my best gigs so far.

I only took some pictures and the rest of the show I was dancing, clapping my hands and singing.

He played a lot of songs from the last record “Thinking Clear” like ‘Road to Babylon’, ‘Heat Wave’, ‘So Are You’, ‘Beaming Light’, ‘Fake Paradise’ or ‘In my Head’, ‘Prove me wrong’, ‘Run’, ‘The Sky’, ‘Don’t give up’ from “Theory of Harmony” and some classics like ‘Love someone’, ‘sooth your pain’, ‘society gates’, ‘future’, ‘intensions’, ‘step on my trip’ and ‘Flow’ in different styles

Notice: In between - he talked about consciousness and how to get together in this matter. And than he asked everyone to sit down until he started with the next song.

The show ended at 11:45pm and everyone I saw was smiling or had a grinning in their face. I stood some more minutes around there and than went back to the Hotel - totally satisfied that I was taking the chance to see Dub FX here in Leipzig.

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