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Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT @ Quasimodo - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2017-01-10 22:12:23

Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT@Quasimodo Berlin 07/01/17

Five days before this special event I ordered two tickets for my wife and me. I was very excited to see DEFUNKT again at the Quasimodo - the legendary Jazz-Club in the centre of West-Berlin - after more than 3 years.

The gig should start at 10 pm but we arrived there 15 min later - still with people waiting at the entrance.

The gig was sold out therefore it was difficult to find a good place. We got something to drink when they started short after 10:30 pm.

At the first song we didn't see much of the band so we tried to find a better place which was found near the sound amplifier - three steps more upper - so a good place to stay and to take some pictures and videos.

This time there were only three members of the original DEFUNKT. Joseph Bowie - the mastermind of DEFUNKT with his distinctive trombone and vocals, Kim Clarke - the best female bass-player of the world and John Mulkerin - the trumpet wizard. On guitar I could see for the first time in my life Mr. Kelvyn Bell - leader of the avant-funk band Kelvynator and on drums this time was Garry „Gman“ Sullivan - well known drummer now living in Hamburg like JB told.

The gig was splitted in two parts including a short break. They were playing almost all of their classics from their famous record Thermo nuclear sweat like Illusion, Believing In Love, Avoid The Funk, Ooh Baby and I tried to live alone. After the short break they played my absolute favorite song Mind control and one more of their classics Make them dance in a very fast way. After they had finnished the song JB said "Oooh - I think I was too slow for it".

He also introduced his special friends from Norway who were in front of us. We had a nice talk with them during the break. JB was invited by them the night before for some drinks especially Aqua Vid

After they finnished their last song I tried to live alone they left the stage under not ending applause and I was surprized that it was alread 1:30 am. - What a wonderful gig it was.

Notice: Kim, Garry and Joseph were wearing a T-Shirt with the inscription Make Afrika great again at the front side and DEFUNKT on the back.

here are some selfmade videos
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - Piece of Mind - 2017-01-07 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video1
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - Outro First Part - 2017-01-07 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video2
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - Mind Control - 2017-01-07 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video3
    Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT - I tried to live alone - 2017-01-07 Quasimodo Berlin DE - video4

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