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Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT @ Quasimodo - Berlin(DE)




Posted: 2017-01-10 22:12:23

Joseph Bowie & DEFUNKT@Quasimodo Berlin 07/01/17

Five days before this special event I ordered two tickets for my wife and me. I was very excited to see DEFUNKT again at the Quasimodo - the legendary Jazz-Club in the centre of West-Berlin - after more than 3 years.

The gig should start at 10 pm but we arrived there 15 min later - still with people waiting at the entrance.

The gig was sold out therefore it was difficult to find a good place. We got something to drink when they started short after 10:30 pm.

At the first song we didn't see much of the band so we tried to find a better place which was found near the sound amplifier - three steps more upper - so a good place to stay and to take some pictures and videos.

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